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“The best choice if your roof is……
Flat, curved or even grassed.”

The Rubber Roofing Co’s commitment to the industry has seen it introduce in-house Butyl training seminars in an effort to elevate the standard of workmanship within the industry.

The Rubber Roofing Co. gathers fixers from around New Zealand from the far north to Invercargill for these unique forums which incorporate not just the Rubber Roofing Co. staff but also industry specialists including manufacturers of Butyl membrane, adhesives and industry mentors.

We have devised a series of training modules which are designed to emulate most conceivable fixing scenarios. These are used not just for the fixing forums but are available for the Rubber Roofing Co fixers around the country for ongoing training.

If you would like to be involved in the next training seminar

“Rubber Roofing co”for the best industry training

Rubco Industry certified Training

The Rubber Roofing Co

9/48 Ellice Rd, Glenfield, Auckland

P.O.Box 65, Westpark Villiage, West Harbour

Ph 0800 4 Butyl (428895)


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