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Flat, curved or even grassed.”

The Rubber Roofing Co

9/48 Ellice Rd, Glenfield, Auckland

P.O.Box 65, Westpark Villiage, West Harbour

Ph 0800 4 Butyl (428895)


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Some examples of Projects using Rubco

Wherever you go in New Zealand, the lakes, the sounds, the beaches, the towns or the suburbs,
you will see examples of The Rubber Roofing Co Group’s successful activities.

Hundertwasser's Final Work
The world-renowned Artist and Designer Hundertwasser wanted to pay tribute to his adopted community in the Far North. As
a result, the Kawakawa community board and council commissioned Hundertwasser to design what are now celebrated as the
most famous public toilets in the world. The Rubber Roofing Coprovided the butyl to seal this innovative and demanding modern
landmark which was the last work Hundertwasser completed.
Community board chairperson Noma Shepherd says many homeowners in Northland are influenced by his roofing idea in
building which implies more use of rubber membrane product.
Applicator: Bay Waterproofing, Steve McMillan

Westharbour House - To blend into the landscape
On the Westharbour shore, Designer Jim Cornes wanted to utilise a 180° vista to the fullest for a family dwelling. Butyl let him
harmonise the dwelling’s external shape (like a shell). Its gentle curvature blends with harbourside land forms. The possibly
complex roofing system is also made easier by using The Rubber Roofing Co butyl. Roof surface and guttering are integrated.
Disposal of water is simplified. The result is free and subtle.
Applicator: Auckland Rubber Roofing Company
Unity and Durability
Set above Lake Wakatipu looking west to the Remarkables is our front cover shot of Dalwhinnie, a dwelling custom built in the
shape of a clam for its international owners. Climatic events include rain, hail and snow as well as beautiful days under clear
blue blue skies. The Rubber Roofing Co butyl has the pedigree and durability to perform in extremes. This dwelling features in
a forthcoming book on the ‘best hundred homes in the world’.
To Seal Under Tile
Five years into an expansion programme at St Peter’s School near Cambridge, school property manager Don Buchanan says butyl
rubber is preferred for gutters. On a new sports pavilion, five classroom blocks and a girls’ hostel designed by de Lisle Jenkins
in Hamilton, butyl provides the seal at the edge of concrete tile and for cap flashings. On the pavilion no tiles run to the wall as butyl
seals it. Gutters run up and over the gable parapet.
Applicator: The Rubber Roofing Co Tauranga, Peter Fisken
Unified Gutters & Roofs
The Millennium Centre and new Administration block at our largest state secondary school feature large areas of The Rubber
Roofing Co butyl. On the administration block black butyl extends from the capped and flashed coloursteel areas to the eaves.
The bonding system allows the extended coverage and fluid lines with internal gutters sealed through to the rainheads. The
sealed and simple roof handles water flows with a minimum of maintenance.
Applicator: Auckland Rubber Roofing Co

Style on a Tight Site
The award winning Haines South House near Otumoetai in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, gave Architect David Page and Riddell
Construction plenty to think about. Riddell won the local house of the year prize for Tauranga with this three storey design on a
narrow and steep section that was difficult to access. He needed all the flexibility up top he could get to allow in the light. Grey
Rubber Roofing Co butyl is used for the roof and also runs under the decks which have awesome views toward Mt Maunganui.
Applicator: The Rubber Roofing Co, Tauranga, Peter Fisken
Re-Roof of Tauranga Water Treatment Plant

Applicator: The Rubber Roofing Co, Tauranga, Peter Fisken