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“The best choice if your roof is……
Flat, curved or even grassed.”
External rainheads

Rubco Fixtures & Fitting

For all the products you need when using Butyl rubber membrane, EPDM or other roofing for the best  results for your project.

All products are made to the highest standards to meet or exceed all specifications whether residential or commercial.

Sumps Scuppers Overflows roofing vents Droppers other fixtures Grates
Rubco Sumps
Rubco External Rainheads
Rubco Scuppers
Rubco Overflows
Rubco Roofing Vents
Rubco Droppers
Rubco Roof Grates
Other Fixtures

The Rubber Roofing Co

9/48 Ellice Rd, Glenfield, Auckland

P.O.Box 65, Westpark Villiage, West Harbour

Ph 0800 4 Butyl (428895)


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