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“The best choice if your roof is……
Flat, curved or even grassed.”

Rubco EPDM

Rubco EPDM membrane with versatility and performance when you need a sustainable, long-lasting rooftop, look no further than the single-ply membrane

The Rubber Roofing Co’s EPDM is manufactured by Carlisle in Pennsylvania, the largest manufacturer of EPDM membrane in the world .

This product is available in 2,.1, 3 meter and 6 meter wide rolls and has the obvious advantage of limiting the number of laps. It has a high degree of resistance to the ultra violet and lends itself well to large commercial jobs.

The Rubber Roofing Co’s e p d m also can come with a fuzzy backing ,known as s b s. This has a felt fabric imbedded into the rubber and is adhered to the substrate with an emulsion which gives the advantage of insulating the substrate from the membrane and allows it to be laid over a variety of what would be normally incompatible surfaces like oil based Torchon membranes bitumen and Neuchatel .

For design freedom

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Rubco EPDM Membrane

The Rubber Roofing Co

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