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Flat, curved or even grassed.”

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About Rubco

The Rubber Roofing Co was established in 1988 specifically dedicated to marketing and fixing of butyl rubber membrane and EPDM. Another known name is Butynol.

This unique private company celebrated its 25th year in business in 2013 and has become one of the dominant leaders in the butyl market in NZ and the Pacific.

It is our desire to specialize in a unique and specialized market so we may be able to better fulfill our customer’s needs. As a company we are constantly striving to find new products from around the world and to develop our own products that will enhance the performance of our membranes so architects can enjoy the design freedom that they require for their customers.

For an overview of what you can achieve with the rubber roofing co products please check out the Design Gallery.

“The Rubber Roofing Company” offers your more...

At “the Rubber roofing company” we are proud of the decades of experience our team has. We have over the years come across some very difficult projects and along with our clients always find a solution that works.

This is why have the technical expertise other companies can only dream about gives us the best results.

We have some technical sheets here but feel free to contact us at any stage.

Technical expertise

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Warrantees on Product quality

We are industry trainers for the rubber roofing industry.

We have a list of preferred applicators here for your consideration. Also if you are in the roofing industry please contact us to discuss how we can offer a training program for your company.

Look here for a applicator nationwide.

Preferred applicators

Installers Lorem Tech info Design Gallery

Durable designer solutions for your home, commercial property, Apartment buildings and more.

When you are serious about quality ....

go no further than RUBCO

The Rubber Roofing Co

9/48 Ellice Rd, Glenfield, Auckland

P.O.Box 65, Westpark Villiage, West Harbour

Ph 0800 4 Butyl (428895)


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